Shining Through

by Milli Moonstone

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released March 21, 2018

Lyrics and Music: Milli Moonstone

except lyrics “Flow” by Mark Waking Light, “Life Health” by Caboclo Tupinamba and music “Jai Ambe” trad. Indian

String, Wind and Brass arrangements in “BeYouty”, “Through To My Core”, “Shining Through” and “Woman”: Marcelo Benardes

Produced and Arranged by: Milli Moonstone, Marcelo Bernardes

Recorded by: Matheus Dias at A Casa Estúdio, Rio de Janeiro & various locations in UK, Holland

Mixed by: Matheus Dias, Milli Moonstone, Marcelo Bernardes at A Casa Estúdio, RJ

Mastered by: Jon Astley at Close To The Edge, London

Front Cover Art: Emma Watkinson

Booklet Photography:
Gitte Spinsekt: pgs 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11
Holly Wilmeth: pgs 2, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16
Marco Reeuwijk: pgs 14, 15

Design fine-tuning: Uwe Reiher, Julie Baldwin


all rights reserved



Milli Moonstone London, UK

Milli shares her passionate love of music as a path for healing, inspiration, and transformation.

With uplifting songs, timeless mantras and improvised sonic journeys, her music serves as an open invitation for a direct encounter with the beauty, the heartache, the wisdom, and the mystery of one's own being.
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Track Name: Let's Just Be
Close your eyes, let your fears wash away.
Allow a smile inside, let all thoughts of who you are slip away.

Let us join as one tonight, let us feel each other,
Let us sing as one tonight, let’s truly feel each other,
Let us be our greatest gift - let’s just be.

Breathe in deep, feel the rhythm of your heart as it beats.
All we need is you and me to reach the stars, consumed in ecstasy.

Let us join…

Let’s just be, let’s just be love.
Track Name: BeYouty
Slow, slow down,
there’s nowhere to run to, you’re already here.
Slow, slow down,
the truth that lies behind these fears is already here within those tears.
Slow, slow down,
you’re already who you want to be, you already have all you need.
So slow, slow down,
allow yourself the time to be, allow yourself the space to see

Your beauty, your beauty, your beauty, you’re so full of beauty.

Take, take care,
listen to your world within, hear your body as it sings
Let, let go,
release all the thoughts that bind your wild freedom to your mind.
Take, take care,
listen to your body’s needs, give it all it needs to feed and
Slow, slow down,
until in stillness you realise God lies within your very eyes.

And your beauty…

You’re a treasure more precious than gold,
so treat yourself with all the care of the world.
Allow love to flow through your heart,
’til you’re fi- fi- fi- filled with peace and joy enough
to know, to know

Your beauty…

Be you, be you, beauty, be you beauty
Be you, be you, beauty, you’re so full of beauty.

Yeh yeh yeh you’re so full of beauty,
be you , be you, be you beauty, be you beauty,
Be you beauty, you’re so full of beauty.
Track Name: Through To My Core
I lost myself tonight,
For I found myself in your eyes.
You showed my depths staring back at me,
You showed my greatness I couldn’t let myself be.

And as I looked back at you,
I felt the light come flooding through.
A greeting soul to soul,
Inherent knowing of this place I call home.

And you know, you know me
deeper than anyone before,
You go beyond my mind and
see right through to my core,
you see right through to my core.

I was filled with gratitude,
Such a blessing to be touched by you.
Such a blessing you exist,
Such a blessing that you’ve so much to give.

So, dear soul,
may you continue to show others home.
May you continue to grow,
May the light and love forever lead you home.

And you know, you know me…

You know me..
Track Name: Shining Through
Dear friend, you forgot to love yourself.
You put your faith in loving everybody else.
You gave all your power away,
But let me tell you your as great as any one of them.

And you know just what to do, you know just what to say,
You know just how to live your life in your own way.

So if you’re lost and your dreams just won’t come true,
No matter hard you try, no matter what you do.
Just remember, there’s a light inside of you
And all the strength you need to shine,
let it come shining through, it’s inside of you.

We spend our lives running around in an endless maze,
But when we stop for a second just to appreciate,
The world becomes a much more beautiful place,
My heart becomes full of joy and grace.

And I know just what to do, I know just what to say,
I know just how to live my life in my own way.

So if you’re lost..

Consumed in total darkness
allows our fears to reign supreme,
All it takes is one tiny flame to
light the way to our deepest dreams.

So if you’re lost.
Track Name: Woman
I don’t have to listen to all the things
you think I should or should not do,
who I should or should not be.
I don’t have to please.
I listen to my own authority.
My actions follow my own inner guidance,
my wisdom tells me what’s appropriate in each situation,
minute by minute, second by second.
And I feel in my bo- bo- body what’s right for me.
Cos it’s my life.

It’s my life and I’m free to choose just what I do.
My time has come to be the woman, the woman,
the woman I’ve wished to be.
And I can make of it what I will.
My time has come, ‘cos it’s my life.

I appreciate the things you say are in the name of love,
And you only have the best intentions at heart,
And I’m grateful for all you’ve done.
But now I take my freedom.
I claim my autonomy and take responsibility
for the pain that’s inside of me.
Not project it on the outside world,
not try to control how others treat me,
not take it that personally,
But look to myself, if I’m disturbed,
gives a chance to deal with unresolved hurt,
And I know, I’ve got the power, the po- po- power.
It’s inside of me, cos it’s my life.

It’s my life and I’m free…
Track Name: Jai Ambe
Jai Ambe Jagadambe Mata Bhavani Jai Ambe
Dukha Vinashini Durga Jai Jai Kala Vinashini Kali Jai Jai
Uma Rama Brahmani Jai Jai Radha Rukmini Sita Jai Jai

Glory to Mother of the Universe, Mother Bhavani
Glory to Mother Durga, Destroyer of Sorrow, Glory to Kali, Destroyer of Time
Glory to Uma Rama Brahmani Radha Rukmini Sita (names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses)
Track Name: Flow
As every high follows a low,
so, ocean waves come and go,
ocean waves come and go.
As every light casts a shadow,
so, our joys and woes ebb and flow,
joys and woes ebb and flow.

Let it be, let it be so,
let go, let it all go,
become the flow, become the flow.

Let it be, let it be so, Let go.
Track Name: Merge With You
Out in the depths I dreamed I did see
Someone in the distance calling out to me,
Beckoning “Hello! Come, come to me,
Come ever closer and I’ll fulfil your dreams.”

I yearn, I yearn to merge with you (x3)
With you, with you.

So I followed this new friend wherever he did lead
And he showed me things I couldn’t even dream.
Worlds of paradise, freedom and bliss,
And I basked in the glory of this heavenly kiss.

I yearn….

When it was time for our ways to part,
I turned to tread lightly back on my path,
When he touched my shoulder and spoke tenderly,
“You know you’re always welcome, come whenever you need.”

I yearn…
Track Name: Until The End
I feel you so deep,
Your heart echoes within me,
Your love guides my way,
Your warmth radiates.

You are my lover and my beloved,
You are my father, you are my son.
You are my brother, you are my friend,
You are my love ’til the end.

Bathing in bliss, I enter peace,
Body exhausted from release.
And all that’s left is pure and free
As my depths have space to be.

You are my…

For I am you, and you are me,
We are the love we’ve wished to be.
I’m the warm embrace to melt all your fears,
I’m the home for you to rest in peace.

You are my..
Track Name: I Surrender
I , I surrender, (x3)
To purify each thought and deed,
To let spirit flow through me,
To be free.

To be free, free
To be free to be.
Track Name: Forever Thankful
I know it’s not been easy, I know you’ve been through pain,
And I’m sorry for the sorrow, that there was no other way.
For you’ve lived by your truth, you’ve moved from love,
Or rather, love’s moved you to face, to face the dark.

And I’m forever thankful to you, to you,
For sharing your love.
And I’m forever grateful to you, to you,
For blessing us with this chance, this chance of love.

And so we journey together through pastures unknown,
Pushing our boundaries, no stone left unturned.
Courageously exploring the depths of our souls,
With trust and understanding that what will be,
will be in the flow.

And I’m forever..

This chance of love, this chance of love
this chance to love, this chance to be loved.

May we all grow in love, and may we all grow in love, and
May our courage be rewarded with a deepening of trust.

And I’m forever..
Track Name: Life Health
Open path.

Health in the body,
Peace in the spirit,
Love in the heart,
This is what we wish.

For ourselves,
For our loved ones,
For our sisters,
For our brothers.

So be it.
Track Name: We Are The Ones
I dream of a brand new world,
a brand new world where everyone’s heard.
I dream of a brand new place,
a brand new place where noone’s scared
to show their face,
Where there ain’t this race to get ahead,
And everyone’s happy with the life that’s led.

Let’s sail away to a brighter day,
Let’s pave the way for a better place
for the kids to play.
Let’s be the change we wanna see,
It starts with you and it starts with me,
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I dream of a world that’s kind,
A world where man lives up to “mankind”.
I dream of a world where greed
means nothing next to empathy,
where choices are made not to fit the grade,
but according to what’s best for everything.

Let’s sail away..

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